Armando is a NYC based artist by-way-of Denver, CO.  As an artist, social entrepreneur, and educator, he has committed his life’s work to the empowerment of young people through the fusion of education and the creative arts.  More importantly, he is committed to the creative application of digital technologies as an agent of provocation, education, community empowerment, and change.

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Armando has dedicated his life to creative expression through a spectrum of art-forms and media.  He is a painter, muralist, dancer, musician, and new media artist.  In the spirit of collaboration, synergy, and limitless creative vision, he is dedicated to developing and defining a collective vision for Latina/o arts in the United States.  He envisions an interdisciplinary community that proudly stands on the shoulders of leaders who came before us, but has the courage, resources, and talent to define a new paradigm for Latina/o arts.

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Born with a passionate social entrepreneurial spirit, Armando has applied his talent as an artist and designer to develop professional web presence, visual brand identities, print media, and social media strategies for a range of organizations.  Armando has supported the needs of universities, non-profit organizations, independent artists, public schools, small business, and government agencies.  Through his design services, Armando implements the creative application of his passion for the betterment of others.

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